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What is “Blacture”?

What is “Blacture”?

Here’s why everyone is talking about Blacture.

Blacture premiered a 30-second commercial during Superbowl LII during the third quarter that got everyone talking. The commercial is the work of Grammy winning rapper Pras, a member of the Fugees. Pras announced the launch of Blacture, a 100% black owned platform that gives voice to black culture making sure black creativity is celebrated and not merely tolerated.

The new platform is launching April 2nd and Adweek had the details behind it:

Blacture looks to be the go-to destination for “unique content from prominent artists and influencers [that] will represent stories that are untold or underreported in mass media.”

Pras believes that now is the time to put his passion for black culture center stage in response to nationwide conversations about social justice, equality and race in American business and politics. “He wants black Americans to recognize and embrace the opportunity he believes is right in front of them,” the campaign press release reads.

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This ad is a collaboration between Pras, director Antoine Fuqua of Training Day and Southpaw fame, creative agency McKinney and purpose-driven marketing shop Leijas of New York.

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