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Rihanna’s 40-Shade Beauty Collection Is Here

Rihanna’s 40-Shade Beauty Collection Is Here

Rihanna’s debut collection comes in a wide-range of shades.

Celebrity makeup lines are a dime a dozen but when you hear Kylie Jenner’s “Kylie Cosmetics” is out here making over $420 million in less than two years you start wondering why more celebrities aren’t doing it.

Finally, after years of teasing and limited-edition releases with MAC, Rihanna has launched her own beauty line earlier today. Fenty Beauty is a skin-tone focused collection that caters to all skin types. Featuring 91-skus that include 40 shades of foundation, 30 magnetic skinsticks (yes they stick together), in both matte and shimmer finishes, and 6 cream-powder hybrid highlighters–makeup lovers who’ve been mixing shades are likely to have an easier time finding their right colors.


“I didn’t care how long it took, I was going to make sure that we covered most skin tones. Diversity and inclusivity are important to the brand. I hope that fans, makeup lovers, and makeup artists feel that,” Rihanna told about the line.



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The Fenty Beauty collection is available in 1,600 stores across 17 countries–an impressive launch made possible by its partnership with global brand incubator Kendo Brands, a LVMH-owned beauty developer.

With that reach and Rihanna’s celebrity stature we’re hoping the brand’s guaranteed success pushes the beauty market to focus on the limited range of makeup available for darker skin tones.

Check out the Fenty Beauty website to peep the entire collection.


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