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Can The #BlackHairChallenge Combat Racist School Hair Policies?

Can The #BlackHairChallenge Combat Racist School Hair Policies?


The #BlackHairChallenge is trending on Twitter. The hashtag, started by @melaninmamis asked for users to share four photos of themselves in different hairstyles. The goal was to show the versatility and beauty of Black hair.

Twitter users took it from there.





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While on the surface the viral challenge is a celebration of  Black hair and its versatility, we can’t help but hope it will also address the most recent wave of racist hair policies seen in the media. While the stories of young Black students being suspended from school due to their hairstyles isn’t new–nothing is being done to address the issues overall. Instead cases that reach public awareness are addressed individually between the victim’s parents and the school. Until standards are put into place for both public and private schools these type of racially insensitive policies will only continue to impact our youth.

#TheBlackHairChallenge may have started as a Twitter trend but maybe we can also use it to enlighten our educators.


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