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Hair Not Growing? Try These Simple Steps

Hair Not Growing? Try These Simple Steps

Everyone’s hair is different but the basic steps to achieving healthier, longer hair are the same.

Hair grows. That’s just what it does. But if you want to see that growth you’ll have to keep your hair healthy, and that doesn’t just happen by itself.

Maintaining your hair’s health can only be established with a consistent hair regimen. With tons of “How To” tips available online setting a structured routine may seem daunting if you’re not quite sure which of those tips will work for you. So the best practice is to start simple with creating a basic regimen while getting to know what works for you and your hair. In time, you’ll learn more about your needs and can alter your regime accordingly.

A simple hair regimen should include:

  • Weekly cleansing – whether you’re #TeamShampoo or #TeamCowash you should cleansing your scalp free of product buildup, oils and sweat at least every 1-2 weeks.


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  • Weekly deep conditioning – formulated to penetrate hair follicles, deep conditioners can impart the necessary nutrients and moisture needed to nourish your hair. This helps to prevent hair from being damaged during daily styling.


  • Leave in/L.O.C Method – For coarser hair types, maintaining moisture is critical to hair growth. Without the proper moisture balance your hair will become dry and brittle–making it more vulnerable to damage and breakage. Using a moisturizing leave in is essential to combatting this. Depending on your hair needs you may want to use both a leave in and oil/moisturizing cream to seal in that moisture until your next wash day.


  • Low manipulation style – you don’t have to keep your hair in a protective style for it to grow. Whether you have the patience to plait your hair into twists or go for the less-tasking “wash and go” style, limiting how much and how often you manipulate your hair will go a long way to lessening damage and retaining your growth.

The hardest part of most regimens is sticking to it! So once you’ve developed a plan that works for you–lather, rinse and repeat as needed.

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