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24 Hour Black News Network To Launch Next Year

24 Hour Black News Network To Launch Next Year

A new organization is stepping up to address how Black people are portrayed in the media by launching its own 24 hour news network. 

Black Television Network Channel (BTNC), will be the first 24/7  news network dedicated to covering African-American communities. The network, cofounded by former Oklahoma congressman J.C. Watts, Jr. will produce a combination of original, educational and personality driven programming, while diminishing negative and stereotypical stories generally found on other news networks.

“We think we can be educational and informative not just to the African-American community, but to the nation,” Watts said. “There’s a whole lot of different ways to report the news…a lot of different perspectives…and I think the perspective of the African-American community hasn’t been told.” 

BTNC will be operated out of Florida A&M University, a journalism school located in Tallahassee, and will be released in 14 of the top 25 African-American markets which includes New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Detroit. The partnership will include a media training center for aspiring young black journalist and provides opportunities for them to work with professionals in the field.

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The network is expected to go live February 2018.

We’ll keep you updated.

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