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On NFL Players Bashing Black Women Publicly

On NFL Players Bashing Black Women Publicly

In a tale as old as time, comes yet another public bashing of Black women…

Last night Baller Alert posted a screenshot of a conversation where Washington Redskins player, Lynden Antonio Trail asked why Black athletes marry white women? To which a user named “Maserati Rick”, identified by Baller Alert as a Miami Dophins player replied:

…most of the sisters were raised in broken homes, and they don’t have proper guidance to how they should treat a man…a white woman knows her position and accepts her role as woman and let her man lead. Rick continued by stating Black women are stubborn, closed minded, and always want to argue,” before concluding that they aren’t coachable.
Tale as old as time…

While Baller Alert doesn’t identify where the screenshot comes from or who exactly “Masareti Rick” is from all apperances the post appears to be real and people have incorrectly gone after Lynden Trail believing the words are his own. There’s no player named “Maserati Rick” or otherwise listed on the Miami Dolphins roster but there is a locked twitter account which features a man who looks very much like the man in the photo.

Be that as it may, Rick expresses his personal views as if they are facts and subsequently falls into the “trap logic” so many Black men who share the same ideas fall into where they feel the need to bash an entire race of women (or a smaller portion of one) to uplift the dating race of their choice.

Newsflash–you can love who you love without putting down others to explain why you love who you do. 

I repeat: you CAN love who you love WITHOUT putting down others to explain why you love who you do.

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This is an often talked about topic that Black women in general are over. Like we don’t typically bother getting into the topic unless we’re talking amongst our friends or want to be apart of the “WTF is this BS?” kumbaya thread on social media.

What is most dangerous about this narrative in this situation is it comes from a person who has/or could have some influence on young impressionable minds. For many Black youth sports are expected to be your meal ticket out of the hood. Kids latch on to popular players–replicating their styles, speech, lifestyles. They follow their words as if it’s gold. While “Maserati Rick” doesn’t appear to have that base as of yet (if at all) being an NFL player carries a responsibility that requires you to remain in check within public spaces at all times and players who step out of bounds are often penalized and fined by the NFL or in worst case scenarios let go from their teams.

Considering the content and how the NFL views women we can expect that this will not even register as a blip on their PR radar unless there’s major backlash from the public. We can not even expect NFL centered news programming to cover it. So it’s up to us to use our voice and platforms to bring attention to the issue within our community and always speak out against it when it occurs.

Our hope is that bigger platforms will pick up the story and identify who the Miami Dolphin player is so that we can educate him on the fallacy of his logic through conversation and fact.

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