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Catching Up With “Angels and Tomboys” Madison & Mallory

Catching Up With “Angels and Tomboys” Madison & Mallory

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Madison and Mallory Iyana, are the sister kidpreneurs who “moonwalked” their way into a deal with Shark Tank investors Daymond John and Mark Cuban back in October.

Along with their mom, Viara Iyadunni, the business savvy tweens, founders of Angels & Tomboys, are creating a market for beauty products for tweens like them, with their handmade, natural sprays and lotions. The pair recently reached out to us to talk about their time in the Tank and what’s happened since.

How was it being on the show?

Madison: The experience was surreal! A life changing experience that we will never forget. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to appear on the show and meet the Sharks!

Were you nervous or scared to be in front of the Sharks?

Madison: Not at all! We’ve stood in front of a lot of tough judges at dance competitions so, we were ready for the Sharks. We knew how important it was to deliver a great pitch so that we could land a deal so, we were just really focused on doing our best. [to Mallory] What did you think about them—the Sharks?

Mallory: They’re great! We were just as impressed with them as they were with us!


What kind of impact has Shark Tank had on the brand? How has Daymond and Mark helped and has this presented other opportunities?

Madison: Our sales soared through the roof and are continuing to rise! We’ve had a lot of opportunities come our way.  

Viara: They have offered a lot of advice to position us for growth and have introduced us to a team of people to help us move to the next phase. We make an assertive effort to always connect with our current fan base and to introduce ourselves to people that may not know about us just yet. So, we are always looking and/or accepting opportunities to allow us to do just that.


Most of the sharks were hesitant in investing in the company because they felt there wasn’t a market for it but you’re the market! You have friends that have purchased the body sprays and lotions from you. What have they said about your products?

Madison: Yes, we thought that was silly. Before Shark Tank, we were making a living simply by selling to friends, classmates and dance class buddies. Mallory: They love it! What were they doing for lotion and spray before you came around?

Mallory: Using their mom’s. No fun in that!


In the tank, Lori pointed out that anyone can go into a drugstore and grab a sweet-scented body spray or lotion at a low price. What sets your brand apart from them?

Mallory: Made by girls, for girls. We know what girls like plus, we promote self-awareness and self-love through our products!


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Mom, while in the Tank you mentioned Victoria Secret had products for teens and that parents are not OK with sending their young girls into an adult lingerie shop. Can you tell us why Angels & Tomboys is only the start to creating a larger market for tweens?

: We’ve actually expanded our target audience to include both tween and teen girls. Angels and Tomboys strives to preserve the innocence of young girls. They are extremely impressionable so, we have to be careful about what we expose them to. We saw a huge void for fragrance body care products for girls and we set out to not only fulfill that void by proving them with their own collection of body care items but to also empower and inspire all girls.

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We love your motto “all girls are created equally different” tell us more about what that means to you? How it became your motto.

Madison: Our mother encourages individualism. She’s always inspiring us to be the best version of our true selves. We find so much freedom, peace and happiness in embracing who we are that we want every girl to love being them. No matter what a girl’s interest, hobby, like or dislikes are. There is no one type of girl. We all have something different, something special that makes us unique and that uniqueness should be embraced and celebrated.


You ladies aren’t just kidprenuers, you’re also philanthropist. Tell us about how you give back each year. Have you already picked out this year’s birthday theme?

Madison: Yes, we think it’s important to take a concern for others and do something about it. Try however you can to help make someone else’s life a little sweeter. This year, I’m celebrating Mardi Gras style for my birthday and I’m asking guests to donate bottled water for Flint.


So what can we expect next from Angels & Tomboys?

Mallory: We are about to release our matching shampoos & conditioners as well as body washes to match the current body lotions & body sprays fragrances.


Visit their website to get your hands on some of their latest scents.

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