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Inside Natural: NaturallyTash Teaches Us About Hair Shadowing

Inside Natural: NaturallyTash Teaches Us About Hair Shadowing

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Everyone is so connected online these days it’s hard to believe that a hair trend could be around for five years before you’re aware of it but that’s exactly what happened. We’ve seen countless photos of NaturallyTash on our Instagram feed and, lured by her colorful vibrant curls, have been following her for some time now before realizing those unique color matches were the creation of “hair shadowing”.  After seeing recent posts about the her technique on Marie Claire and Buzzfeed we slid into the Queen of Hair Shadowing’s DMs to ask these six simple questions:

What is hair shadowing?
Hair Shadowing is the process of temporarily coloring your hair using powder or cream eye shadow.


How do you do it?

On clean dry hair you apply by dipping some out of the container rubbing between your fingers and rubbing into the hair. If using powder eye shadow you can apply to your hair right out of the container the same way you would do hair chalk. I have many tutorials on my YouTube channel  for reference.


What are your favorite products to use?

I love Maybelline 24 hour color tattoo and wet and wild single eye shadows.
However any cream or powder eye shadows can be used.


How long does it take?

This depends on how long your hair is and how much you want to apply. For me to do my ends only it usually takes me about 15-30 minutes.


How long does it last?

Powder eye shadow will last a good 2-3 days and will fade out but depending on the color you use and the color of your hair it my fade but wont come completely out until you shampoo your hair. With cream eye shadow it will last you a good week and will not come out until you shampoo.


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Is it messy?

It will get all over your hands when you apply because you can not use gloves cause it hinders you from really rubbing it in. Also don’t touch your hair a lot cause the color will transfer onto your hands. Here is another tip if your hair is shoulder length or longer and you put red (for example) onto your tips you might not want to wear white because the color will transfer onto your clothes. Also BEWARE of the rain when hair shadowing cause the color will run.


Hair shadowing seems like a safe alternative for hair coloring and we can’t wait to try it this summer. Just check out these amazing color combos!

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