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Shark Tank Invests $200K in “Naturally Perfect Dolls”

Shark Tank Invests $200K in “Naturally Perfect Dolls”

Sweeting Girls

When Angelica Sweeting’s daughter announced that she hated her hair and instead wanted the same straight, blond hair as her Barbie and Elsa dolls–mom knew she had to do something.  

She created the Angelica doll. A natural hair doll that was structured using the features of her and her daughter.

That was a few years ago. Now, after receiving many requests, Sweeting has expanded her collection to create Naturally Perfect Dolls. Each of the four available dolls has 18 inches of kinky textured hair that can be both washed and styled from twists to Bantu knots to braids. Much like real hair customers are cautioned not to use heat to avoid loosening the curls and damaging the hair. What is unique about these dolls are they contain features found on women of color–full lips and broad noses and they are beautiful.


That’s the reason Sweeting started the company. To let girls know that they are beautiful by encouraging diversity and self-acceptance.

“Our girls need to see a reflection of their own unique beauty. It’s time for our young girls to have a new standard.”

So she and her family took to Shark Tank, in an episode that aired last night, in hopes of getting investors to help expand Naturally Perfect Dolls for a $200K investment for 20% equity in her company.


Things didn’t start well when Mr. Wonderful went straight for the facts in pointing out that large doll companies have tried and failed in presenting multicultural dolls. Lori followed that by mentioning Mattel’s recent campaign to create a diverse collection of dolls. The other sharks, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec were leery of both the colletion’s $85 high price tag and the Sweeting’s interests in going into retail–an avenue we’ve learned is fright with complications from watching the show for several seasons.

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Ultimately, it was FUBU founder Daymond John who struck a deal with the Sweetings after a short negotiation. While he wanted to be an equal partner with 33.3% equity he accepted 30% as long as 10% was also designated to a charity. The Sweetings agreed and are now apart of the Shark Tank investments.

For more info on Naturally Perfect Dolls or to purchase with 10% off visit their website. Shark Tank airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Check out how the company got its start below.


Naturally Perfect Dolls is undergoing rebranding. The dolls and brand are expected to return for the holiday shopping season with a new look and new name. We will continue to follow their story and keep you updated

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  • I would love to order one for my daughter and 2 boy ones for my sons. I like this and I know my children will too.

  • I want to get my daughters one or two of your dolls I wish I knew where I can order them from or purchase them from at a store

  • I would love to see this doll for boys. My son has dreads now, but I used to braid his hair. I’m not sure why no one tries to market items items like this to boys, but believe me they need to see themselves in toys and action figures too. It’s a plus for the girls as well. They both can see themselves and each other outside the limited and tainted images that are presented through media.

  • I would LOVE to purchase a multiracial doll that i could possibly look like… in case i die soon, my kids (boys) will have a doll they can pass on to their own daughter… if one of them has one

  • I would like one made to express my daughter’s chocolate beautiful color and natural hair… do i contact u….. Thank u

  • Please let us know when they are available.
    I would love to purchase a few for my granddaughters.
    My daughter had American girl dolls, I would love these for my granddaughters.

  • I thought y’all wanted donations or people to purchase but I Dont see info to make that happen? Anyway I love what your doing and I hope you guys get the funding to make this blow up!! Everyone should feel beautiful in the skin their in!

  • Where can we buy this dolls. I would love to buy as many as I can for my kids and for a children’s home I support back in Kenya.
    Any store or site in the u.k. market?


  • Where can I buy these? I am a doll collector so I need 5 dolls. Four for my granddaughters and one for me,

  • The story stated they will be up for sale in time for the holidays…..I’m guessing Thanksgiving & Christmans time frame.

  • I’m really interested in having one of these doll where can I get one and how much. It about time kids get to identify with themselves and their natural beauty.. black is beautiful

  • My daughter’s are black and Vietnamese I would most definitely buy a doll that looks like them with chinky eyes and medium dark skin tone. My daughter’s say the same thing they want yellow gold hair and it kills me! I bought them American girl dolls the custom one made to look like my daughter’s but it looks nothing like them.. they said it’s the closest they could get and should be happy with it. That doll was 130 with shipping I honestly would pay 85 for a doll that looks like my girls and makes them feel pretty. I hope you will include multi racial dolls. It’s would help my daughter’s out a lot as there are no dolls that look like them anywhere.

  • I am so excited about this doll! Thank you for creating a doll for little girls beautiful inside and out! I already have a few girls in mind that need this doll!
    Congratulations ❤

  • Lol saw the video but not the article, guess they don’t need donations. But still in love with the idea

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