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Web Series Alert: Makeup x Breakup

Web Series Alert: Makeup x Breakup


For most of us, the ups and downs of a romantic relationship are a right of passage. Very few of us are ever able to take on another person’s good and bad and remain unscathed by the union. Oftentimes relationships that start off so well end in heartbreak and whether we’re experiencing it personally or through the hand holding of a friend, we still gravitate toward the drama.

“Makeup x Breakup” is a new web series that encapsulates our shared relationship drama and pulls us in without breaking our hearts. Following the rollercoaster journey of a young woman living on her own terms, Brooke ends her two year relationship with Blake only to return to claim him when he begins pursing another woman.

The characters in the series are simply trying to figure things out. These are everyday people with everyday struggles. Highlighting their imperfections was one of the main focuses throughout the project. Many people move to NYC with the notion of taking over the world, only to learn that things can be more complicated than expected.” says writer and director, Eric J. Dickens.

The series features Omar Salmon (The Ave”, “The Will to Want), Nicolette Ellis (“Situationships“, “Stiletto Dreams”), Kamel Goffin (“To Be King“, Starz”Power“), Olivia Gray (“12:01 pm”), and Karmia Berry (“The Three Way”, “Brooklyn Bloody Mess”).

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You can catch new episodes of “Makeup x Breakup” every other Wednesday online.

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