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Black Actors Receiving Less Pay Than White Actors

Black Actors Receiving Less Pay Than White Actors

In information gathered by Variety and reported by Newsweek comes some startling realizations– the majority of minority actors seem to be receiving significantly less than their white counterparts in the salary department.

The data, which surveyed actors, executives, agents and other representatives, are estimates and only cover actors pay for current seasons of their listed series. The goal of the survey is to provide an earning power snapshot of talent across several levels in daytime, primetime, late-night and news programming.

As seen from the chart below actors from popular and critically acclaimed shows such as Empire, Black-ish, and How To Get Away With Murder are at the mid-to-low range of the salary scale in their genres.





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We understand that there can be several aspects at play here in determining the differences in salaries but across the board these numbers are brow-raising!

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