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BodyLove Campaign Arrives in Times Square

BodyLove Campaign Arrives in Times Square

This weekend, a different kind of Fashion Week event found its way to Times Square where models Davinnia Fonseca, Kengie Smith, and others joined professional plus size model and photographer Silvana Denker as she continues her international BodyLove campaign.

The campaign, which fights against body shaming and bullying by encouraging self-love and acceptance, has been conducted internationally with stops in London, Paris, Italy, Berlin, Barcelona, Stockholm and will soon be heading to Los Angeles later this week.

There’s not only one perfect body in this world there are so many wonderful, beautiful, different bodies.Start loving yourself and stop bullying others for being different.” founder Silvana Denker said in a post on Instagram earlier this year.


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The body positivity campaign is sponsored by Happy Size and looks for models with scars, tattoos and varying body types to show diversity.


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