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Natural Hair Immortalized in Brand New Magazine

Natural Hair Immortalized in Brand New Magazine

Natural Hair Immortalized in Brand New Magazine

Gone are the days when we flip through a magazine without seeing a single woman of color that isn’t weaved up or permed down. Now, there’s a brand new magazine that uses every page to showcase our glorious natural crowns and tell our stories.

CRWN Magazine is a new quarterly publication that documents our story in print form and aims to set a new beauty standard by using thoughtful commentary and striking content to encourage women everywhere to embrace their natural hair.

Founded by Lindsey Day and Nkrumah Farrar, the lifestyle magazine’s first issue is being released on Saturday at Afropunk Brooklyn and features essays, entrepreneur profiles–including cover model and natural hair vlogger Whitney White (Naptural85), and covers topics such as beauty, fashion, dating, health, and entertainment.

“We are serving a woman who is more educated, well-traveled and sophisticated than ever before–largely because generations before have fought to ensure our seats at the table.” Lindsey Day, editor-in-chief told The Huffington Post.

Day and Farrar came up with the concept for the magazine while discussing the lack of authentic representation in print format while on Day’s rooftop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

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“I saw how so many of my loved ones seemed to have a spiritual and emotional reawakening after embracing their natural hair; even if they still faced challenges because of it. Hair is not “just hair” for Black women — it’s intrinsically connected to how we see ourselves in this world, and the value we feel we offer. Civil rights activist Marian Wright Edelman once said, ‘You can’t be what you can’t see.’ To this day, Black women aren’t accustomed to seeing our natural selves. No one has invested in authentically immortalizing natural hair culture…Nkrumah and I saw a void in the marketplace, and — that evening, on my rooftop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn — we created CRWN Magazine to tell our hairstory.” Day said via LinkedIn

Pre-orders for the magazine are still available online. For details and tickets for the Afropunk After Dark release party visit here.

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