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Madamenoire presents “Curls Run The World”

Madamenoire presents “Curls Run The World”


Curly hair has definitely made a comeback! With more and more women choosing to sport their natural curls in the workplace, big business and the media have taken notice by increasing features of natural hair women in advertisements and the offering of curl friendly hair products.

According to a new series from Madamenoire, curls haven’t just made a comeback–they are running the world!

The 4-part digital series titled, Curls Run The World, features social influencers with different curl patterns who offer tips and recommendations for natural hair care.

Episode 1: The Education of Natural Hair

Mo Knows Hair! on her journey and using her YouTube channel to empower others

I want you to feel like you’re learning something and that it’s getting easier and that it’s getting better. You don’t feel held hostage to your hair but you feel like your hair is something you like and something that’s fun to you.

Episode 2: Naturally Glamorous

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Curlies Color Too author Yolanda Renee on how to mix fashion and art with your natural hair

I think I’m empowering other women though my content to show them not only the beauty side of things but also the business side of things. The natural hair community and all the different projects–whether it’s videos, events, t-shirts–whatever business I’m showing women you can do it too…

“Curls Run the World” airs at 12 pm EST on YouTube. Following episodes will feature TLC artist Chilli and poet Aja Monet.

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