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Blue Girls Burn Fast: Amandla Stenberg Directed

Blue Girls Burn Fast: Amandla Stenberg Directed


Amandla Stenberg has added writer, director and producer to her growing list of talents. Last night, the star teased a clip from her short 20-minute film Blue Girls Burn Fast on Instagram. The film, shot and edited by Stenberg, follows Andy, as she navigates life with her “wanna be hip to your culture” foster mom and school. When Lea, her next door neighbor sneaks into her room and shakes up her life. Featuring intimate point of view shots, humor, and memorable quotes the film was a collaborative effort with Stenberg’s friends and also her NYU Film School submission.

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The last month has proven to be a busy one for Stenberg who is reportedly in talks to star in the 1940s romantic drama “Where Hands Touch”  and who will also be starring in “The Hate U Give”.

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